Branded Clothing for Your Company

Finding printed and embroidered apparel for your company can be overwhelming. Here are some things you should keep in mind when searching for branded clothing for your company.

Work with an experienced professional

First and foremost, the best way to be sure you’re purchasing high quality company clothing is to work with an experienced professional (like All Seasons!). Industry professionals have a deep understanding of available products. They can help you navigate through the options and narrow down your choices.

Another benefit to working with a professional is that they can tell you whether other customers liked or disliked a certain item, and guide you to the most popular selections. A second opinion backed by years of customer experiences is invaluable.

Brand names may not always be the best choice

You may think the easiest way to ensure high quality branded clothing is to go with recognizable retail brands such as Carhartt, Nike, or Columbia. It’s true that these name brands are often known for their quality, and sometimes you want to align your own company with a well-known brand. The problem is that they can also be very expensive.

You can get high quality branded clothing without shelling out big bucks for name brands. Think about the qualities and features you admire in those pieces, then seek out the same features in more traditional lesser known brands. Again, work with a professional who knows the industry well. They can steer you towards affordable options that are comparable to the name brands.

Pay attention to fabric choice

You can tell right away when you’re wearing something that’s made of a high quality fabric versus a cheap fabric. Cheap fabrics may itch, fade, stretch, or shrink over time. Your goal should be to order clothing that people will want to wear for years to come, invest in a long-lasting fabric.

Keep in mind that the ideal fabric choice differs depending on the type of clothing. You’ll want a different look and feel for an everyday t-shirt versus a moisture-wicking performance shirt versus a dress shirt. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples.

Choose long-lasting decorating techniques

Screen printing is the most cost and time effective way to produce large quantities of prints. Squeegees push ink through a pre-made mesh screen to transfer ink onto a garment except for for areas that are made impermeable by a special blocking. The resulting design has long-lasting, vibrant colors that will withstand multiple washes.

Embroidery is a classy more formal form of promoting your brand. Because your logo is sewn directly on to the material it becomes part of the garment. As the the thread has dimension, an embroidered logo ends up becoming almost three dimensional.  In addition, embroidery thread is coated and therefore has a sheen that helps the colors pop to attention. Embroidery is long lasting and does not show any signs of deteriorating as time goes on, or the effects of being washed frequently.

Design is key

Beyond the clothing itself—the construction, cut, fit, and material—the design also needs to be considered. This could mean the design of the apparel piece, but it can also refer to the design you decide to imprint on the clothing.

Instead of just using your logo, you may want to work with a designer to get creative. The decorating options today are endless, and the locations you can imprint are cooler than ever! The quality of a design is instantly recognizable, and it’s the first thing people will notice, even before they notice the feel of the clothing item.

Don’t forget the details

Details make the difference! Choosing high quality branded company clothing means thinking about the small things that make a big impact.

Relabeling or adding an accent with woven tags is a common custom approach that is very appealing. Sewing a hem tag on the bottom seam or the sleeve of the shirt is a great approach to further developing your brand.

You can also relabel the neck by removing the stock mfg label and replacing it with your very own label.

Custom tagging can take your garment to the next level.

We can help

Whichever you best fits your company All Seasons can help. We have been in the industry for years and will be there to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us for with any questions you have.